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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Transform your gaze with our new Eyelash Extensions service, meticulously crafted to enhance your natural beauty with precision. Choose from three stunning styles: Classic for timeless elegance, Volume for dramatic flair, or Hybrid for a seamless blend of both. Our skilled technicians use premium materials to create flawless lashes that elegantly frame your eyes. Experience this luxurious enhancement and elevate your spa journey to new heights of sophistication and allure. Indulge in the artistry of lash perfection, where every detail is tailored to reveal your inner radiance.

Duration : 

Price : 

2 hr

$120 (Get 20% OFF)

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Benefits Of  Eyelash Extensions

Long Eyelashes

Enhanced Appearance

Eyelash extensions instantly enhance your natural beauty with thicker, longer lashes that elegantly frame your eyes and accentuate your facial features. They create a lasting impression, boosting confidence and allure effortlessly, making you feel radiant and glamorous for weeks.

How It Works

Eyelash extensions involve a detailed procedure where each extension is individually applied to your natural lashes using medical-grade adhesive. Before application, your technician cleanses your lashes and isolates each natural lash. With specialized tweezers, extensions are carefully attached one-by-one along your lash line. 

This tailored process, accommodating your preferred style and lash type, typically takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. Throughout the session, you recline comfortably with closed eyes. The result is fuller, longer lashes that seamlessly blend with your natural ones, enhancing your overall appearance with a look that is both natural and glamorous. 


Keep lashes dry for 24-48 hours after application and avoid oil-based products around your eyes. Skip mascara and wash lashes regularly if you use makeup or have an active lifestyle. Schedule fill appointments every 2-3 weeks, brush lashes daily, and seek a professional for removal. Avoid picking or pulling at your lashes to maintain their appearance.

Price & Duration

Enjoy a luxurious 90-minute session meticulously tailored to achieve your desired look, priced affordably at $120 for a transformative enhancement.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, the client must contact the spa 24 hours in advance.

  • 1. How many sessions of the Firming Treatment are recommended for optimal results?
    The number of sessions required depends on individual skin concerns and goals. While you'll likely see immediate improvements after a single session, a series of treatments, usually spaced a few weeks apart, is recommended for long-term benefits. Your skincare professional will assess your skin condition and provide a personalized treatment plan tailored to achieve the best results.
  • 2. Can the Firming Treatment be combined with other skincare procedures or products?
    Yes, the Firming Treatment can often be combined with other complementary skincare procedures or products. Your skincare specialist will assess your skin's needs and may recommend specific serums, moisturizers, or additional treatments to enhance and prolong the results. It's essential to consult with your skincare provider to create a customized skincare regimen that suits your unique requirements.
  • 3. Is the Firming Treatment safe for individuals with sensitive skin or skin conditions?
    Absolutely. The Firming Treatment is designed with a focus on safety and efficacy. It is suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or various skin conditions. The non-invasive nature of the treatment ensures minimal risk of adverse reactions. However, it's crucial to inform your skincare provider about any existing skin conditions or sensitivities during the consultation to ensure a tailored and safe treatment experience.
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