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Fat Reduction - Cryo Slimming Alpharetta
Omni Beauty Spa

Fat Reduction - Cryo Slimming

Our fat-freezing procedure is tailored to address localized fat deposits or bulges that may be resistant to conventional diet and exercise efforts.

Duration : 

1 hr 15 min

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Benefits Of  Cryo Slimming 

Skin Analysis

Safety Assured

Cryo Slimming prioritizes safety, ensuring that nerve fibres, blood vessels, muscles, and skin in the treatment area remain undamaged. This non-invasive approach minimizes the risk of harm, making it a secure choice for fat reduction.

Omni Beauty Spa

How It Works

The fat freezing technique is rooted in the principle that fat cells are more vulnerable to cold temperatures than other cells, such as skin cells. By applying controlled cold, fat cells are injured, initiating an inflammatory response. This response leads to the natural elimination of damaged fat cells by the body's immune system.

What It Treats

This procedure is designed to target and reduce stubborn pockets of fat that do not respond to diet and exercise alone, helping to contour and reshape the body.

Price & Duration

Pricing for our fat-freezing procedure is available upon consultation, allowing us to customize the treatment plan to your unique needs. A typical session lasts approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, providing an effective and efficient approach to fat reduction and body contouring.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, the client must contact the spa 24 hours in advance.

Omni Beauty Spa
  • 1. How many sessions of the Firming Treatment are recommended for optimal results?
    The number of sessions required depends on individual skin concerns and goals. While you'll likely see immediate improvements after a single session, a series of treatments, usually spaced a few weeks apart, is recommended for long-term benefits. Your skincare professional will assess your skin condition and provide a personalized treatment plan tailored to achieve the best results.
  • 2. Can the Firming Treatment be combined with other skincare procedures or products?
    Yes, the Firming Treatment can often be combined with other complementary skincare procedures or products. Your skincare specialist will assess your skin's needs and may recommend specific serums, moisturizers, or additional treatments to enhance and prolong the results. It's essential to consult with your skincare provider to create a customized skincare regimen that suits your unique requirements.
  • 3. Is the Firming Treatment safe for individuals with sensitive skin or skin conditions?
    Absolutely. The Firming Treatment is designed with a focus on safety and efficacy. It is suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or various skin conditions. The non-invasive nature of the treatment ensures minimal risk of adverse reactions. However, it's crucial to inform your skincare provider about any existing skin conditions or sensitivities during the consultation to ensure a tailored and safe treatment experience.
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